I have said it to David. I have voiced it to co-workers at Back2Back. I have told them. And now, I want to say it here . We couldn’t have done this without you. Thank-you Caroline Burns, Sammy Mathews and Anna Valdez for “showing up” to do all the work that is needed to bring Trauma Competent Caregiver (TCC) training to Back2Back in Mexico.   This would have never happened without your commitment and dedication to plow through barriers and challenges. Your enthusiasm and creativity are amazing.


Sammy, Anna, and Caroline will be gearing up soon for fall training.

One of the deep desires of B2B is to learn more and more about how to care for all the developmental needs of an orphaned or vulnerable child. Because Caroline, Sammy and Anna were (or are) caregivers who understand the need and because they all are enthusiastic learners, bringing the TCC program to Mexico is now a reality.

Each children’s home in each Monterrey site is different.   Walking alongside other national and international staff, the MTY 3 as I call them , have trained directors and many caregivers and are on the ground to do the much needed weekly or monthly follow-up.

Because they “showed up”

  1. B2B interns were trained on TCC principles.
  2. TCC mission guests gained an awareness of impact of trauma on children.
  3. B2B national leadership were trained on TCC principles
  4. Children’s home caregivers were given (and continue to receive) strategies and tools to help them with the needs of their children.
  5. Many, many documents, key to training and follow-up were translated and placed into the hands of those who can benefit.
  6. Caregivers experienced a self-care retreat

MTY 3 – the journey continues!

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