Children with a history of trauma and loss, have often not learned basic skills, such as how to seek care, how to receive care and how to negotiate needs.  They often don’t know how to voice what they need and use behavior to express that need.

Working with the encouragement of Dr. Karyn Purvis,  the Back2Back Hope Campus in India has initiated this beautiful tool to help child learn those things they missed.

Leading these precious children is Back2Back staffer, Courtney Ewing Schreiner….

IMG_8568 (640x427)

Learning to use their voices


IMG_8578 (640x427)Learning about self-regulation with the magic mustache 

IMG_8614 (640x427)Each one gets a chance to use his voice 

IMG_8587 (640x427)My favorite animal is…..having an opportunity to speak

IMG_8599 (640x427)

Sharing together and listening well

IMG_8625 (640x427)Giving care —-what a fundamental lesson to experience.


What Courtney shares about the nurture group experience…

“The Campus Kids did exceptionally well, I was so proud of them. They excelled in sharing about their hurts, both “inside hurts” and “outside hurts”. This was such a sweet gift to me, getting a peek deeper into their hearts and hurts. Especially with the older boys, who are not only sharing aloud, but have started to show emotion as well.  It is certainly strengthening their voices, as I’m finding more children are approaching me to inform me of their hurts or needs!

The children were incredibly engaged during the sessions, seeming to enjoy themselves, and have already started asking when we would meet again. The biggest take away for me is how well the “rules” or life value scripts have stuck with them! It has been such an encouragement to me seeing how the simple phrase of “No Hurts” or “Stick Together” can almost completely change their behavior. And not just during our nurture group time, but throughout the day or during play. I was always a believer, believing it could work. But now I’m a firm believer now – it does work! My goal is the encourage and coach our team to utilize these life value scripts more in their correcting for a common language throughout.”

THANKS, Courtney and Back2Back India Staff for the great work!

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